About me
Colour is the 'raison d'être' for me in the world of Art.

I have been painting since 1999 when I became, and still am, a member of the Noosa Shire Arts & Crafts Association (Wallace House).

My internal world is all colour. I view everthing in pictorial format and am able to bring this to my canvas in my own style.

My birthplace, the Seychelles Islands, dictacte my need to frquently paint seascapes.

Together with my life drawing skills, I have been able to marry the two into 'Noosa-Scapes' that I paint regularly. There I capture the iconic characters, activities and landscapes of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast where I live.  These paintings have been very well-received.

I am moved to paint scenes that evoke poignant memories or emotions.  As a member of Noosa Chorale, I frequently paint Programme illustrations that come from visions through words that we perform.

I am self-taught although private lessons, in the early days, with artist Bill McKay have instilled the need for displine, the understanding of colour and form as well as composition in the completion of a piece of work.

In recent times I have experimented with mixed media and expressionist/abstract work.

​I paint in both oil and acrylic mediums and the wide variety of my subject matter
demonstrates my versatility.